Message from the Head 23rd October 2015

We had a fantastic day on Tuesday when the Bishop came to visit and attended our services of dedication. He was truely impressed with the childrens’ singing and behaviour and the lovely books they had made. We were so proud of them, thank you to everyone who helped make the day so memorable.
Hopefully most parents have been able to see their child’s teacher this week for parent’s evening. Teachers have been asked to chase up any that have not attended as this is a crucial meeting and parental engagement is essential.
I have had to issue a legal reminder notice today following an altercation between parents on the school playground. Parents are reminded to conduct themselves in a respectful manner whilst on the school site. It is highly inappropriate to swear and shout in front of children and will not be tolerated on site. Any issues around children should be dealt with in the proper way by referring the matter through school. Any parent acting in a manner that I feel is inappropriate or not in the best interests of the children here will be banned from the school site under section 547 of the Education Act 1996.
Reminder-Upper school children should all be in full winter uniform after half term. i.e.shirt and tie. This remains the case until after the easter holiday, when we enter the summer term when children may revert to summer uniform polo shirt or lilac gingham dress.