Message from the Head 13th November 2015

As you may be aware, there was a serious incident outside school this week. A child in reception ran into the road and was hit by a car’s wing mirror. The child’s injuries were not as serious as they could have been and the driver who was a parent was also left extremely shocked. The incident was fur-ther compounded by other drivers who were sounding their horns and shouting at the driver to move her car. One driver used several expletives to explain how he did not care that a child had been knocked down.

Please let this incident be a warning to us and let us not wait for a more serious accident or heaven forbid a fatality. The local councillor has been in touch with me and the PCSO to see what we can do to eliminate the issues. We can only make the following recommendations and ask you to consider how you would feel if that had been your child.

  • Do you need to drive your child to school? Could you walk on some occasions?
  • Would parents consider setting up a walking bus.?
  • Please refrain from parking on the kerb at the corner of the road as this blocks drivers visibility.
  • Do not park across driveways, thus allowing pulling in space to enable cars to allow oncoming traffic to pass and not cause a block.
  • Remember that children can be dropped at upper school from 08.30am and we also have Skamps or breakfast club to enable the drop-off times to be more evenly spread.

We would be happy to hear any suggestions from parents with an idea or potential solution to this ongoing issue.

Thank you for your donations for the Christmas fayre today and to those who supported Children in Need today. The total amount raised from upper school’s non-uniform day was £264.67 which will be forwarded to Children in Need.

We are hosting our annual tea party for senior citizens on Thursday. This will be led by Year 6 who are studying World War ll and would be delighted to talk to anybody who can talk of their recollections and bring any relevant artifacts.

Our house captains and vice captains and a selection of house ambassadors represented the school at the cenotaph on Wednesday and laid a wreath. They behaved impeccably with dignity and re-spect. They then joined the upper school who came to watch the parade.