Message from the Head December 11th 2015

Today was our Christmas dinner day as many of you will know. It is a lot of extra work for our kitchen staff which is why we ask for booking in advance. Planning for this takes time and organisation. Food has to be ordered weeks in advance and food has to be prepared for such a mass of school dinners to be produced on the day.
Our cooks are extremely accommodating and despite our best efforts sending reminders etc we have had 90 additional requests for dinner today. Luckily we have been able to facilitate this but it has put the kitchen under additional stress. Please consider this in future and try to stick to the deadlines suggested, it is not just school trying to be awkward, we are desperate not to cause any disappointment to the children.
Our Christmas productions are well under way. Great performances so far from Key Stage 2 and Reception. More to come next week too!
Thank you so much to the PTA for another fantastic Christmas fayre at the upper school last Friday and to all those who attended and made the event such a success. The total raised was £1,474.84 ! Thank you to all the local businesses that kindly donated prizes for the raffle: Bedworth Civic Hall, Odeon Cinema, Nuffield Health, MFA Bowl, Hatton Adventure World, NBLT, Fourway Play Centre, The Old Mill Inn, Tesco (Bedworth) & The Cake Shop. The PTA are a particularly dedicated group of parents who give up much of their time to volunteer and fundraise for the benefit of our children. Please consider this before criticizing on social network sites. We are very lucky to have such a well organised proactive PTA and would hate to think negative comments would deter others from being so generous with their time.