Message for the Head January 22nd 2016

Thank you for the donations of bingo prizes. I do hope you will be able to support the event next Friday at 6pm in the upper school hall.


Reminders: Upper school children should be entering school via the playground gate until these are closed, at which point children should then enter through the main gates and be signed in through the office. We have a number of children coming though reception before the gates are closed and some who are entering the building via the main gate and walking around the building. We are also having a great deal of litter on the playground; generally by children with playtime snacks. We have ordered some new bins but would just remind children that only healthy snacks are permitted at break, a piece of fruit or a cereal bar not crisps or chocolate bars. We do not object to children having these in their lunchboxes, but not for break. We are a healthy school and do provide a healthy snack bar in the upper school run by County Caterers.


Finally we have had a large number of cases of head lice in year 1. Some children are repeatedly having to be treated. Please ensure you do not send your child to school with head lice. They need to be treated asap and the treatment often needs to be repeated one week later in accordance with the instructions, as the dormant eggs take this time to hatch. It is very difficult to bring this under control unless everybody is vigilant. Sadly this often means treating the whole family, changing pillow cases etc. Please look for tell-tale signs of your child scratching whether or not you can see the lice or eggs. It would help if all girls with long hair could ensure this is tied back or plaited for school. We will be issuing leaflets from the school health team and will contact parents if we discover live lice to stop this spreading.

Staffing News: We are delighted to announce that Mrs Kittendorf is expecting her first child in April. This does however mean she will be leaving us to go on maternity leave after Easter. The arrangements for the classes affected by the reorganisation needed to cover her post, should have now been received in a separate letter explaining the arrangements. Miss Harris, one of our lead TAs leaves us on Friday, we are really sorry to lose her but wish her the very best of luck in her new job.