Message for the Head February 26th 2016

logoWelcome back to a very short half term running up to Easter. As part of our Lenten preparations we are asking all of our children to ‘build an ark’ by completing Acts of Random Kindness, small gestures that they can do to make a difference to somebody else. Please talk to your child about this and see if you can acknowledge any acts of kindness that you have noticed. Children are nominated by one another and their names entered into a prize draw for the end of term. The children are very receptive and enjoying this challenge.

Year 5 hosted the Bug Man on Tuesday with his fascinating array of insects!


Lots of children have been out visiting the church and looking around Bedworth to look at the town’s heritage etc.


We are increasingly concerned about the manner in which children are being dropped off for school in the mornings and are picked up after school. We have had several near misses this week, a child almost fell out of a car as they had opened the door whilst the driver was still turning. Some parents drop off children on the opposite side of the road and the children then walk on the road side of the safety barrier. Parents are reminded not to use the zigzag area as a drop off point please. It is also not acceptable for children or parents to cycle or use scooters across the school car park. Cars enter and exit the site from 3pm onwards. Can we also ask that parents supervise KS1 children whilst they wait for their siblings. We still have children scooting round the playground, ripping up bushes etc. Please make sure you keep your child with you on the playground and prevent them from damaging trees, bushes etc.