Message from the Head – 15th April 2016

Congratulations to all the children who competed on Tuesday in the annual Bedworth Primary Schools Swimming Gala. Schools from all over Bedworth took part in a series of events including a girl’s and boy’s relay race. All of the races were hard fought, with The Canons finishing mainly 1st or 2nd, so it was a tense time as the winner’s were announced as…THE CANONS!!! won the school trophy! The children did extremely well and we are very proud of them. Well done to everyone involved. Special thanks to Mrs Payne and Mrs Campbell. Team: trophyHarvey Harris (boy’s captain), Evie Leeson (girl’s captain), Declan McCallum, Cameron Greenfield, Elliot Harris, Ben Wagstaff, Sam Fitzgerald, Mason Swift, Jamie Hewitt, Sabrina Fu, Samantha Fu, Gracie Clarke, Katie Tonks, Leah Gavin, Amy Oliver

Well done to the year 6 children attending breakfast club. It has been well attended this week and I am sure this will prove beneficial in the forthcoming tests.

We had another ‘near miss’ in the road outside school this week. Can I urge motorists once again to be vigilant and to park courteously to prevent further incidents.


Last week Student Support letters were distributed throughout school. Many of these were found strewn up the street and into the Mews. Such littering is not a great reflection on the school and children should be encouraged to have more respect for their community. Please encourage them to pass all letters on from school and to dispose of litter in the waste bins provided.