Message from the Head – 7th October 2016

We raised a magnificent £ 1088.00 with our coffee morning and book sale last week. Thank you for supporting such a good cause. Our total amount raised for the Race for Life event last term was a fabulous £3907.95. Thank you all for your kindness.

We have been approached by some parents who would like their child to have a school blazer. We provide a blazer to all our house captains, vice captains and house ambassadors. We have no objections, however the blazers are a special order at the moment, so please let school know and we can let Toye Kenning Spencer know.

We have had several complaints about behaviour of children waiting for older siblings. We do have teachers on duty who have observed children playing in the skip, swinging from the signs, kicking the fence etc. Please ensure that you supervise your children whilst they are on site. If children continue to disrespect the site and are being allowed to do so we will have no option other than keeping the gates locked until 3.15pm