Message from the Head – 13th January 2017

Many of you will have noticed the increased police presence on Derwent Road over the last couple of days. The police are determined to discourage motorists from parking on the pavements at the end of the road and in any unsafe or inconsiderate way. Parking on the corners particularly does restrict the vision of other drivers attempting to exit the road.

Unfortunately yesterday we also needed to call an ambulance to lower school and the driver commented that his entry to school was made extremely difficult by a car parked opposite the yellow zigzag lines. In the event of an emergency, which thankfully this was not, it would be essential that emergency services had clear access. This could affect your child so please bear this in mind.

Parents in Year 1 were left somewhat confused by signage telling them classroom doors would be locked at 8:45 earlier this week. Apologies, this was miscommunication as last weeks newsletter stated we would like all children to be in school for 8:45. In upper school the children can be supervised from 8:30 and a bell will ring at 8:40 so all children can be in for 8:45. In lower school, classrooms should open from 8:35 so that children can be dropped off and in school for 8:45 to be registered etc and so that interventions and phonics can start promptly at 9:00. Registers do not close until that time. If you are arriving after 9:00 when the register will have been submitted you should bring your child through the front office. Classroom doors will not however be locked but may be closed so that class can start. Can we also remind parents that they should not be entering school without being signed in first due to safeguarding regulations. Please therefore say your goodbyes outside the classroom, again so we have minimal disruption and can start our learning time promptly. In Reception, due to the pupil teacher ratios etc. doors may still only be opened at 8:45 or just before so we have relevant staff and activities in place. It may be wise therefore to drop older siblings first. I hope this clarifies the situation further.

We have the Life Education Caravan visiting school next week. This is a fantastic resource which all children will visit, please ask your child to tell you all about it.

Annual cross country inter-house competition will now take place next Friday, weather permitting: 9:15 – Year 3 / 10:00 – Year 4 / 10:30 – Year 5 / 11:00 – Year 6

Also next Friday, we have a non-uniform day for the whole school in exchange for a bingo prize. This is a chance to donate any unused, unwanted Christmas gifts. We are looking for bottles, toiletries, confectionary, toys etc. Anything that would make a good prize for our ever popular bingo evening, taking place on Friday 27th January at 6:30pm in the upper school hall.