Message from the Head – 10th February 2017

Well done to all our children who entered work for the Festival of Arts. Congratulations to the following winners:

Year 6 – Sharne Badesha – 1st in category
Year 5 – Alitza Greenwood – 2nd in category
Year 4 – Keah Borthwick – 1st in category
Year 4 – Olivia Cuesta-Tkaczyk – 3rd in category

Artwork is on display at Riversley Park Art Gallery until 26th February.

This week we have installed bells in lower school. The first bell rings at 8:35 by which time all doors should be open, the second at 8:45 when all children should be in class please. Doors will not be locked however and children running a little late can still enter via the classroom. Registers close just after 9:00 and children arriving after this time should report to the school office first to be registered.

We have had some uniform checks this week. A few children are still not wearing a tie. Only 4 on Thursday, however, this is 4 too many. We will have some ties available for sale at the office during parents’ evening next week if your child needs one or indeed a spare. Children do not like being put in this position so please ensure they have the correct uniform.
A reminder too that we have already amended our uniform to enable children to wear plain black trainers this year. We are already seeing some abuse of this by children wearing black trainers with coloured motifs etc…Please ensure that your child is in the correct footwear.

Parents’ evenings are next week, please ensure that you have an appointment. It is important that we engage with a parent/carer for every child. Please note the cancellation of some clubs due this.