Message from the Head – 24th March 2017

Thank you supporting Red Nose Day today…we will let you the total amount raised next week.

Please can we remind parents that the school car park is for staff. We have had some issues of late with parents using the car park to drop off children to breakfast club etc…blocking the entrance or exit for staff trying to enter or leave. Please use the road to park and escort your child to school. This is also the case for after school clubs, although of course if it is after 4:30 and there are spaces as staff have left, this is not so much of an issue. Can we also remind you not to use the car park as a shortcut, please use the footpaths to your child’s classrooms. We also had an incident this week where a child was almost hit by a black 4×4 with blacked out windows. The vehicle was reversing into a space as a family was attempting to cross. The child was not hurt but shaken by the near miss. Please be vigilant, small children can be difficult to see and can be unpredictable.


Thank you to all the mums who joined us for Mother’s Day lunch we are glad to have been able to accommodate so many over the last three days. We hope you enjoyed it and hope all mums have a lovely Mother’s Day and get to put their feet up and get spoiled!!

As we get nearer to Holy Week, during the last week of term, Lower School will be taking part in lots of exciting activities to help the children understand this special time of the Church Calendar. Children will be starting this journey by taking part in a Stations of the Cross trail. Please come and join your child’s class on Thursday 6th April at 2.15 p.m. for an Open Afternoon where children will be sharing with you some of the wonderful things they’ve learned and done during this R.E. Week.