Message from the head 12.01.18

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

As some parents may have realised, we are having huge problems at the moment with our phone lines.  We are in contact with our provider who attribute the problems to the installation of our new server.  Meanwhile it leaves us in a quite unsatisfactory position at times.  We are receiving calls, all be it the quality of the lines are quite poor.  When we attempt to call out however we do not hear a dialling tone, let alone anyone answering.  I apologise therefore to any parent/carer who appears to have had several calls from school, it took us a while to realise it was a fault.


Despite a warning from our local constabulary before Christmas, some of our boys, although thankfully very few, have been involved in serious antisocial behaviour in the town centre during the holiday.  This was witnessed in Tesco with damage to property and abuse towards a security guard, intimidating behaviour in B & M etc. refusing to leave the store, bouncing on displays, beds etc.  Associating with gangs who are riding their bikes and doing wheelies in front of buses causing them to stop suddenly and jumping on the rooves of buses also endangering passengers and themselves by causing them to stop.

On training day one of our pupils rode a bicycle through the canteen at Nicholas Chamberlaine which is trespass and this was witnessed by his former peers.   This is not just boys being boys, it is dangerous and it is a matter of time before one of these boys causes or sustains a serious injury.  At school we work hard to ensure there are firm boundaries and consequences, however, we need this to be the same in the community.  Parents must take responsibility for their children out of school.  We have highlighted the sorts of things that are going on and I would urge any parent to check where their children are and who with before it is too late.

School can exclude pupils for serious incidents out of school and we will have to seriously consider this for those few who fail to heed the warnings.  Can I urge all parents to please report any incidents that they see with the names of children where possible you can do this anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

We have the Life Education Caravan next week.  It is always a great experience and helps the children to develop healthy lifestyles and make good choices.  Every class will  have a session on the caravan.